About MG
After being established in 1924...
MG Motor embarked on a long journey, leaving its own mark in history. The iconic brand has now been reborn to adapt to the changes of the new generation. Continuously updating, electrifying, redesigning, and being ready to embark on a new journey.
The octagon-shaped "Octagon" logo was officially registered as the MG trademark, with the debut of the legendary 2-seat convertible sports car named "Super Sports MG 14/28".
MG dominated racing events throughout the 1930s: winning the Ireland Grand Prix, Isle of Man Tourer Cup, Ulster TT race, as well as victories in Italy, Germany, and Monaco.
Notable racing models included MG K3 Magnette, Magic Midget, EX 127, EX 135.
The MG TC was introduced in 1945 and produced until 1949. It marked MG's post-World War II return to civilian car production. The TC model integrated design elements from the MG TB and embodied the classic British roadster style.
The MG MGA model was officially introduced, marking a significant milestone in MG's history and the sports car world.
The MG EX 181 set a world speed record at an impressive 395 km/h. Just 2 years later, MG broke its own record with a speed of 410 km/h at Bonneville Salt Flats.
Following the MGA, the MG MGB sports car became the most successful MG ever produced, offering a thrilling driving experience with its low frame and spacious cabin. This model was produced until 1980.
The world was changing, and so was design. The MG Metro made way for a premium 5-door hatchback with exceptional performance and handling – the MG Maestro.
The MG Rover Group was established after separating from the BMW Group. By 2005, the MG brand and the Longbridge factory were taken over by Nanjing Automobile.
SAIC Motor officially owns the MG brand and brings MG into a period of outstanding development on the world automobile map.
Looking toward the future, MG introduced the MG3 model with premium customization options, allowing customers to personalize their cars according to their preferences.
The MG5 sedan was introduced, offering a compact option with an impressive design and a "VTi-Tech" 1.5-liter engine.
The 90th anniversary of MG was marked by the launch of limited edition MG3 and MG6 models.
MG unveiled its first SUV, the MG GS.
MG made significant strides in electrification with the MG E-Motion electric car built on a pure electric platform. The car boasted impressive acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds and a range of over 500 km.
In the same year, MG became the fastest-growing brand in the UK, Thailand, Chile, and Australia.
Embracing the "greening" trend, MG continued to launch electric car models in advanced markets, including the MG ZS EV and MG Cyberster.
SAIC Design unveiled the MG MAZE Concept, showcasing a futuristic vision for a small and intelligent urban vehicle that can be controlled via a mobile platform.
SAIC officially distributes MG in Vietnam, marking a new milestone for the brand's development and offering the opportunity to experience high-quality MG vehicle models and the best services for Vietnamese customers.
About SAIC
SAIC Motor is the 7th largest global automotive conglomerate and a leader in China. With over 60 years of experience, SAIC focuses on research, development, and production of light and commercial vehicles. The corporation also advances the market for new energy vehicles and internet-connected cars, along with research into smart vehicle technologies.
Under the development of SAIC, the MG brand has achieved numerous milestones. Most recently, in the first half of 2023, the MG brand sold 115,000 cars in Europe, a 143% increase compared to the previous year. Among these, electric cars accounted for over 50% of total sales during this period.
About SMV
SAIC Motor Vietnam (SMV), a subsidiary of SAIC Motor, is responsible for directly managing and exclusively distributing the MG automobile brand in Vietnam starting from July 01, 2023. With this direction, SMV is focused on developing MG products that align with the preferences and demands of the Vietnamese people, as well as enhancing competitiveness in the domestic automotive market. Additionally, SMV is also committed to expanding its distribution network, improving after-sales services, and marketing efforts, promising to strongly promote the growth of the MG brand in the future.